About Us


From humble beginnings, Eyrth has sought to build a better world.  Together, we aim to bring nature, medical and health cultures and most importantly people together to share experiences in wellness and well-being.  We believe that the human experience across the globe has, through centuries of rich history and cultural experiences, found genuine natural ways to enhance the human body through simple, natural and beautiful ingredients.

Functional medical research, now a leading medical field, investigates the benefits of ensuring the body has the correct balance of essential vitamins, minerals and hormones.  When these balances are in the correct ranges, then conventional medicine works most effectively, the body can heal more efficiently and you will simply feel more vitality.  It just makes sense!  You need all the essential ingredients to feel well and allow your body to function well.

Eyrth has sourced only the finest products from around the globe and brought them to you.  These products are based on all-natural ingredients designed with you in mind.  We have a range of products that suit your lifestyle, personality and habits.  Our products are designed to lift the essential vitamins and minerals for good health and tailored to suit individual differences where some people may lack certain elements.  By lifting these elements, we can bring more balance to body’s natural chemistry.

Our Vision:

Together building a better world through ingredients that enhance our wellness and natural beauty.


Our Mission:

Bringing people, cultures and nature together to share better sources of vitality for life and living.


Our Values:

关系  (Guanxi from Chinese) – we value our relationships.  We want to look after the people we connect with and seek to build life-long partnerships, relationships and friendships.  Doing life together!

μεράκι (Meráki from Greek) – we put all of our soul, creativity and love into everything we do.  We want our journey together to be filled with rich experience, creative design and spirit.  Feel the heart!

सत्य (Satya from Sanskrit) – we aim to be honest, steadfast and uplift others.  We want to always put value the people around us by working with honesty and surety.  Live the truth!

改善 (Kaizen from Japanese) – we will continue to improve.  We want to always find better ways of living and learning to improve everything we do, whilst being aware and responsible.  Always getting better!

Ubuntu (from African) – together we are connected.  We want to bring people and their experiences together to connect ideas across the globe and seek common threads that unite us together.  We are one!

تراض  (taarradhin from Arabic) – we win together.  Together we can find ways to better the world where we all can benefit.  Never doing anything to another’s demise or decline.  I win, you win, we win!


We hope you will join our journey as we seek to build a better world where we all can feel the vitality of life through natural ingredients that bring health, wellness an beauty to our bodies, just as nature intended.