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Using Aloe

Did you know that in the 6th century BC, Egyptians used herbs to treat illnesses, including the treatment of skin diseases. The “Ebers Papyrus”, found in the late 18th century, makes references to a very familiar plant, aloe. The Egyptians used Aloe to treat burns and ulcers, and even for embalming. Nowadays, aloe is widely […]

Birch medicine

Everything surrounding us is full of vitality and energy, which is necessary to life! Even the most common plants can contain the most unique properties helping a person feel healthier and bringing vitality. Take, for example, the birch tree. Birch sap contains calcium, magnesium and iron. Its buds and leaves contain essential oils. In folk […]

Essential oils

Recent years have seen the popularity of aromatherapy increase significantly. It is an ancient science that studies the properties of the aromas of plants and their influence on the human body. In fact, even the treatment of various diseases using essential oils produced by plants has been scientifically explored given many of our modern day […]

Vitamin C from Buckthorn

Throughout life, our human bodies require essential vitamins and minerals. One of them, vitamin C has many properties that assist in protecting the body from the effects of stress, increasing resistance to infection and reducing the effects of different allergens. In nature, it is found in many herbs, berries, fruits and vegetables. One plant rich […]