Feeding our skin

The basis for beautiful skin is the same for all. It begins with a healthy lifestyle, with the power of the skin from the inside. Our skin is like a mirror, reflecting everything that happens in our body. No organ of our body is immune to the effects of our environment: the cold and wind, hot sun, extreme changes in temperature air contamination – all affects our skin. No matter how healthy our skin may be by nature, eventually we will experience problems. The skin requires extra care and nutritional needs. Our skin relies on the nutrients we provide it, whether ingested or absorbed through our skin. It is vital to provide our skin with cosmetics that will not cause harm to the body. Ideal “food” for the skin, natural products of plant and animal origin which contains everything you need to improve metabolic processes, moisturize, tone, eliminate defects and prevent aging. Saturating the skin with biologically active substances provides an amazing beneficial effect on the entire human body.